Support with a Donation

Support with a Donation
Donation to the newspaper –
Support free information
tamtamfree, as diligently as possible, for 12 years
offers honest, correct, timely and free information.

This form of professional integrity is possible because the newspaper has always distanced itself from compromises and favors from subjects who see in this a certain form

the newspaper has never received state contributions and provides for its expenses by self-financing through its members.

The newspaper is also highly appreciated for the fact that the pages are ‘free’ from aggressive advertising,
from pop-ups that appear without the reader’s knowledge,
from videos that start when a page is opened,
from other unsolicited pages that open automatically.

There is no hidden software in the portal to monetize accesses. There is no acquisition of user data, there are no loyalty or mailing lists.

The newspaper has always renounced these easy sources of revenue, believing in a clean, free and transparent service
for readers, as well as free.

If you believe that this service should continue as it was until today, you can make a donation with the methods explained below.
For each donation a regular tax receipt will be issued.

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